In appreciation of volunteers………….

When I was a child I remember putting change in a RNLI collection box at the airport, an action that launched a miniature RNLI lifeboat. The RNLI has served this island well for many years and I have nothing but admiration for their volunteers, and their crew that continue to selflessly seek to assist others in danger of distress. I … Read More

bshentonIn appreciation of volunteers………….

Island of unsung heroes

Published in the Jersey Evening Post – Tuesday 13th February 2018     When you stick you head above the parapet and take up an occupation in the public eye one of the biggest risks is that you start believing in your own self-importance. The power or attention becomes such a drug that you lose sight of why you took … Read More

bshentonIsland of unsung heroes

Losing our sense of charity

First published – Jersey Evening Post 29th November 2017 I have changed the name in recounting this story. Margaret was in her 70’s and lonely. Her husband had died, they did everything together, and her children no longer lived on the Island. She was fit and healthy and volunteered to work in a charity shop. Unfortunately the well paid Manager … Read More

bshentonLosing our sense of charity

The £ 400,000,000 Question

New Hospital Funding – The Options Probably the most important States Assembly debate in 2017 This note has been prepared following my appearance on BBC Radio Jersey on Thursday, 13th April, 2017 when they asked me to come into the studio to discuss hospital funding. The Jersey Action Group requested that I put my thoughts on paper, albeit I am … Read More

bshentonThe £ 400,000,000 Question

Sadly – I was right……………………………….

In 2010 – as Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee – we tried to force through expenditure cuts. With no support from the Council of Ministers, who represent the Public Sector rather than the public, and no support from the left, who never support expenditure cuts, we were heavily defeated. Everything we predicted came true, the forecasts of the Council … Read More

bshentonSadly – I was right……………………………….

States Spending – Adapt or Die

Four years ago, in 2011, I sat in a coffee shop as Chair of the Public Accounts Committee with the then Comptroller & Auditor General and we discussed the economy. The Public Accounts Committee, whilst achieving a number of notable successes over the years, had been heavily defeated in all its attempts to control spending, having listened to false promises … Read More

bshentonStates Spending – Adapt or Die

Is the States Assembly Obselete?

Government not respecting spirit of propositions, nor delivering promises made.  Just before Christmas, with my Co-op hat on, I was at the Planning Meeting dealing with the Charing Cross application. This was approved and quite rightly the Planning Department insisted on numerous stipulations to ensure that we kept to our word regarding the heritage buildings – which we shall.  These … Read More

bshentonIs the States Assembly Obselete?

Childhood Influences

During my six year Senatorial career, 2005 – 2011, I was fortunate to be able to draw on my late father’s insight and experience. We would talk frequently, especially concerning difficult issues that would affect the people that I represented. ‘Politics are people’ was a phrase often used by Dad to highlight the human consequences of an action. He deplored … Read More

bshentonChildhood Influences

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